In true Nordic style, Slush Music made waves towards closing the gap between music and tech by combining discussions, workshops, demonstrations and performances.


As a proud partner of Slush Music, the STHLM Music City team facilitated many points in the program including a roundtable on the topic of ‘The evolution of Stockholm as a Music City’, a presentation on the ‘Music label of the future’ and a workshop exploring how partnering with accelerators gets you closer to emerging tech.


Stockholm-based music tech startups and entrepreneurs graced the stages of the event, bringing the spotlight firmly on Stockholm as the global capital of music and tech, with demonstrations from top award-winning talent such as Soundtrap and Mind Music Labs.

Pacemaker, the app direct out of Stockholm, revolutionising DJing also presented on the Slush Music main stage. CEO, Jonas Norberg is confident they are at the forefront of this competitive industry. “It’s really difficult to create what we’ve created. We are alone on the creation side”, he said.


A recurring theme from the event included the importance of music creators, with STHLM Music City’s own Björn Lindborg and Marathon Artist Labs’ Scott De Marcado concluding that the artist is the lifeblood of the business and that it needs to be made a priority to look after them. Another important point was that the key ingredient to starting a music tech company is passion and that this is what investors are searching for.


The event was best summed up by Michela Magas, founder of Music Tech Fest who encouraged people to “invest in music technology innovation because it sets the bar for other industries”.


Slush Music was an important step in recognising the synergies between music and tech and sets the bar high for Nordic and global collaboration in music tech innovation.  




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