1 February was the final day of Songwriting Camps in Stockholm, an initiative giving emerging talent a chance to foster their skills and collaborate with others in an intensive few days, completely free of charge.


The program got off to an inspiring start last weekend with Songwriting Camps Talks at Pop House, where our community was strongly represented.

Proudly supported by our friends at Soundtrap, Auddly and Music Rights Awareness Foundation, the talks focussed on the state of the music industry today, through the eyes of creators.


Topics covered included gender equality within the music industry, where the panel talked about the importance of pulling each other up and younger generations of women being able to see women present in the studio and involved in all aspects of music creation and management.

The ‘Swedish Music Wonder’, discussed the reasons behind Sweden punching above its weight in the music industry and SHY Martin and SHY Nodi, the two fledgling songwriters behind the hits ‘The Ocean’ (Mike Perry) and ‘All We Know’ (The Chainsmokers) discussed their rise to success, noting that the Swedish music industry is heavily based on collaboration and attributing the difference between music coming out of Sweden and music coming out of the US is Sweden’s ability to rise above monetary control because of the digital revolution.

It was encouraging to see such a strong emphasis placed on music creators and it was a shining example of why Stockholm is the ‘Music City’.





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