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STHLM Music City Launch

A big concept deserves a big kick-off and that’s just what STHLM Music City had at SUP46. We were overwhelmed by the interest shown by both the tech and the music industries who effortlessly came together, recognising that they can strengthen, support and learn from each other.

Our first guest, Jay Solomon originally comes from the tech side but officially announced his revolutionary move into music tech with the brand new entertainment specific artificial intelligence platform, MIMA. He talked us through how the platform and applications work and how this cutting edge tech solution is the future of the music industry, being able to predict the stars of the future, gain a real-time view of the industry, explore real-time charts and gain an understanding of playlisting actions.

The focus then switched to the traditional music industry as Christer Björkman took to the stage for a Q&A session. He talked about his longtime experience in the music industry, his role as the Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest Stockholm 2016, the technological challenges of worldwide broadcast and working across different timezones given Australia’s debut in the competition this year.

The real magic happened when we invited you in our community to question our guests and a dialogue arose between Jay and Christer when the question was posed as to whether MIMA was the ‘new’ Christer Björkman of talent spotting in the music industry.

In keeping with the Eurovision theme, former Latvian contestant, Katrine Lukins performed an acoustic version of her song, accompanied by Johan Nilsson and Karl Hovmark.

Food and drinks were provided courtesy of Saffron, Åre Water and NOA Relaxation.


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